Meeting your wireless challenges with innovative solutions

CellO provides innovative Wireless Solutions that Bridge Wireless Gaps. With CellO solutions you can extend your wireless network to provide enhanced coverage & capacity; indoors and outdoors.

    • Spotless Coverage – Superior Capacity
      CellO solutions provide enhanced coverage & capacity everywhere – in buildings, campuses, outdoors and underground.
    • New Technologies – Your Infrastructure
      With CellO, you can leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver new 3G / 4G, LTE services to your customer base.
    • Emergency Services – Priority Connections
      CellO solutions support the dedicated frequencies and specialized technologies used by emergency services & First Responders.

CellO @ a Glance

CellO provides innovative wireless solutions that deliver spotless coverage and superior capacity. The company’s solutions help carriers, integrators and property owners extend wireless coverage and capacity in buildings, campuses, outdoors and undergrounds.

Today more than ever, the market needs smart and effective products that support new cellular and Wi-Fi technologies such as 4G-LTE (FDD and TDD), 802.11n, 802.11ac and more. With flexible platforms that can easily deliver new wireless technologies and a dedication to innovation, CellO’s solutions accelerate deployments of the latest market trends.

CellO was formed in 2012 as the merger of Cellvine and Optiway.


  • Superior coverage enhancement solutions using innovative technologies
  • Comprehensive portfolio providing effective solutions for all your coverage needs
  • Smooth migration to new 4G LTE and WiFi data technologies leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Increased data offload enabled by the convergence of WiFi & cellular data traffic
  • Dramatic cost savings of more than 50%