First Responders – Emergency Services


First Responders – Emergency Services

In critical situations when every second counts, First Responder teams need wireless connectivity at all times, everywhere. Emergency Services utilize specialized communication technologies, which operate on unique frequency bands.

To ensure ubiquitous coverage, ease of maintenance and cost-effective deployment, the right communication infrastructure must be deployed. Depending on the specific project, this means overcoming the physical barriers that prevent wireless signal penetration, such as tunnels, high-rise buildings and large campuses.

CellO’s™ AllAccess™ DAS solution is designed to support all Emergency Services technologies (e.g. TETRA) and their dedicated frequency bands. The solution can also deliver simplex, push-to-talk communication channels without suffering from cross-talk and interference.

FirstAccess™ can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of an AllAccess™ deployment. The single fiber architecture effectively combines support for Emergency Services alongside cellular, Wi-Fi and other communication channels. This elegant approach is cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

Carmel Tunnels – case study

Spanning over 6km 200m deep under the city of Haifa, the Carmel Tunnels are the fastest way to cross the city from one side to the other. CellO FirstAccess™ solution was deployed to provide continuous communications for police, fire fighters and ambulances throughout the tunnels.


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