Healthcare facilities & hospitals


Healthcare facilities & hospitals

For hospitals & healthcare facilities, having complete cellular coverage is critical. Doctors & personnel must be accessible at all times, throughout the facility, in case of an emergency. Online access to patient charts and other healthcare data is required by doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Communicating with ambulance teams, the police and fire-fighters is an essential part of hospital operation. Since First Responders utilize unique frequencies and communication technologies, hospital facilities must be effectively equipped to support these systems.

CellO™ Product Portfolio is designed to bridge wireless coverage, ensuring coverage and high capacity throughout any facility.

CellO™ AllAccess™ DAS platforms deliver all cellular providers, 2G/3G/4G/GbE technologies and multiple services over our single fiber architecture. Public Safety Wireless Technologies (such as TETRA and LTE) and the low frequency band utilized by First Responders, are supported over the same infrastructure. With fewer cables, power consumption and radiation levels are reduced.

Additional Radiation Protection capabilities are provided by CellO’s advanced repeaters. Their auto-adjusting mechanism delivers high-quality cellular services while keeping radiation level within the regulatory requirements. This approach enables repeater installation in sensitive areas such as operating rooms, where standard cellular equipment is prohibited.


Sheba Medical Center is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East treating over 1M patients per year. CellO’s DAS solution upgraded the communication infrastructure to support 3G/4G in an exemplary project that reduced the investment in time & money by 50%.


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