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High rises – business & residential

In today’s world, cellular connectivity is expected virtually everywhere; especially indoors, where 70% of cellular calls are made. Towering above the streets, business and residential high-rise buildings pose a challenge for cellular services.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet PCs, the demand for bandwidth has exploded. Every new project must prepare to meet current and future demands. In the case of existing buildings and infrastructures simple, cost-effective upgrade paths are needed to support the latest high-capacity 3G/4G cellular standards.

CellO™ product portfolio extends cellular coverage and provides superior capacity at every level.  Whether you require cellular services for small buildings or a vast high-rise, we have advanced, cost-effective solutions that can be architected according to your needs.

The company’s AllAccess™ DAS product line is designed to deliver communications from multiple operators, multiple technologies and multiple frequency bands over a single fiber. This elegant architecture supports the latest cellular 3G/4G and WiFi 802.11n, 802.11ac standards and can easily extend to new standards as they emerge on the market.

For existing infrastructures, AllAccess™ offers a unique upgrade solution that leverages existing equipment and adds support for 3G/4G/GbE. By adopting an over-lay approach, CellO’s™ solution eliminates the need for new cabling, saves time and dramatically reduces the upgrade costs. For more information about the CellO™ Over-Lay solution, click here.

Case study – Titanium La Portada Tower.

The Titanium La Portada Tower is Chile’s tallest skyscraper with 52 floors above ground and 7 under ground. CellO’s™ AllAccess™ solution supports all cellular operators with a single-fiber architecture that simplifies deployment and drastically reduces the project TCO.


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