Management Team


Yaniv Ben-Haim

Yaniv Ben-Haim (male) has a 15-year track record as a R&D leader in system architecture, management, marketing and sales both with Israeli as well as international High-Tech companies. He has specialized in network chip design, system architecture, network planning, product management, business development, market strategy, marketing and presale, new technologies introduction and vast experience in new market introduction. He is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CellO.

Prior to CellO, Mr. Ben-Haim was Vice President of Products and Global Business Development at Runcom Technologies, an Israeli start up that invented and developed the OFDMA standard for WiMAX and LTE markets (2007-2013). Before that Yaniv was Networking Products Project Leader at Dune Networks (Acquired by Broadcom NASDAQ:BRCM), an Israeli start-up in the area of high speed networking communication (2006-2007). From 2004 – 2006 he served as SOC system architect at CEVA-DSP (NASDAQ:CEVA). From 2000 – 2004 Mr. Ben-Haim served as Head of Systems and VLSI of RD at Israeli start-up HyWire that was funded by Infineon Technologies AG. Preceding that post, he served in different positions as field communication officer in the IDF.

Mr. Ben-Haim holds a MBA from Ben-Gurion University and a B.Sc. in Electronics & Computers Engineering, the electrical engineering faculty, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.


Dr. Yosef Ben-Ezra

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dr. Yosef Ben-Ezra (male), CTO (Chief Technical Officer), received his Ph.D. from the Tel-Aviv University (TAU) in 1999. During 1998-2000 he was a senior researcher in TAU. During 2003-2005 Dr. Ben-Ezra was the principle researcher in joint industry-academy project TRANSMOR focused on automatic detection and classification of power transients in WDM optical communication networks. The Israeli Ministry of Science and Industry financed the project. Between 2007-2007 Dr. Yosef Ben-Ezra was the principle researcher in a joint industry-academy project, DIAMOND, that developed a high-spectral-efficient modulation techniques for modern optical communications. In the framework of European FP6 project UROOF Dr. Ben-Ezra was the WP3 leader and leads the R&D of the novel optical components for transmission of the UWB signals over optical fibre. He has co-authored over 60 papers in international journals and conferences in fields of semiconductor physics and nonlinear effects, and optical communication. He is the author of 10 patents in fields of all-optical signal processing and communication.


Mirel Patrero

Mirel Patrero (male) has 16-year record in various operation positions: Supply chain Manager, production line manager, head of Forecast team, planner and operation project manager. He has specialized in production systems and material planning (Oracle, priority) export and import, finding 3PL partners for warehouse and Logistics Processes.

Prior to Cello, Mr.Patrero worked for 6.5 years as a logistic manager at Camero–Tech – an Israeli company that invented Through Wall Imaging solutions – Responsible for the Supply, purchasing, import and export activities at Camero. Before that (1998-2008) Mr. Patrero served is several positions In ECI TELECOM as 3pl /3pm project manager  – Member in ECI’s sales team that manages the sale of ECI’s logistics and supply chain distribution  and Member in ECI’s sales team that managed the sale of  ECI supply chain group to Flextronics. Before this position Mr.Patrero was a Planner in ECI planning and control department – Planning the supply and the production of communications products. Before this position Mr.Patrero was Production line manager of HDSL systems at ECI. 


Danny Raz

Danny Raz (male) has a 15 year record in various R&D positions, project and product management and system architecture. He is specialized in Very-Large-Scale-Integration (VLSI) chip design, network processor architectures, wired and wireless communication systems, and wireless networks RF planning. Prior to CellO, Mr. Raz worked 2.5 years as a product manager in Valens Semiconductors, an Israeli chip vendor company (the inventor of the HDBaseT video over LAN standard). And previous to that (2008-2012), Mr. Raz was also product manager in Runcom Technologies. Before that (2006-2008), Mr. Raz was a Senior VLSI design engineer in DesignArt Networks (recently acquired by Quallcom). In DesignArt Network Mr. Raz was in charge of a MAC layer multi-core processor for WiMAX/LTE femtocell chipset. In his first position after university, Mr. Raz worked in CEVA-DSP (1997-2006) as a VLSI engineer, system architect and as a pre-sale/customer support manager.

Mr. Raz holds an MSc in Electronics & Computers Engineering, the electrical engineering faculty, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.


Matan Cohen

Matan Cohen (male) was recently recruited to Mer-CellO as an R&D Engineer. Mr. Cohen is responsible for embedded software development working with various platforms including an ARM based management agent, 3G modem platforms, EMS development in a web-GUI environment and management of RF resources in the BSP level.

Prior to CellO (2013-2014) Mr. Cohen worked as a QA Engineer at SES Inc. In this role he gained experience in building test plans, fault monitoring, detection and correction on component/hardware level, design of testing equipment and design testing software. Prior to SES (2009-2013), Mr. Cohen was a graduate student, B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with Honours at Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv. Grade Point Average: 91.8.