Transportation – airports & train stations


Transportation – airports & train stations

Airports and train stations need to address their operational communications requirements while serving thousands of transient users. Poor weather conditions, arrival and departure schedules, time-of-day and season all affect the ebb and flow of traffic volumes.

In the past, voice communication was the predominant channel required by most travelers. Today, with the increasing use of smart portable devices, the amount of mobile data traffic is rising exponentially. To effectively meet the growing demand, high-capacity cellular and Wi-Fi offload services must be provided throughout airports and train stations.

Whether you need a few repeaters to cover a local train station or a complete DAS solution for an international airport, CellO’s product offering is designed to suit your needs.

Our advanced repeater product line offers load balancing capabilities to improve coverage for fluctuating capacity conditions. With central, remote management capabilities you can effectively monitor and configure the entire network from a single location.

For large scale, high capacity deployments, CellO’s™ AllAccess™ DAS platform provides an elegant yet cost effective solution for all your communication requirements. With single-fiber architecture, the platform is designed to support every wireless communication technology including the latest 3G/4G/GbE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Case Study – Sochi International Airport

Preparing for the Winter Olympics in 2014, the city of Sochi and its facilities is being upgraded. In order to deal with unprecedented volumes of traffic expected in the Sochi municipal airport, MTS selected CellO’s™ AllAccess™ solution to provide seamless 3G /4G coverage for all Mobile Operators throughout the airport.


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