Under ground – parking & tunnels


Underground – parking & tunnels

Located under ground, parking complexes and tunnels form physical barriers that prevent reception of wireless signals. In some facilities, property owners and operators choose to extend cellular coverage to under ground areas for the convenience of residents and visitors.

In the case of tunnels and underground metro networks, continuous communication is often complex but imperative. Serving as key transportation corridors, these underground passageways serve thousands of commuters on a daily basis. Providing smooth cellular reception, even in tunnels, is the expected standard for many consumers. As the fastest path across dense urban areas, First Responder teams also regularly use these tunnels. During an emergency, speed is of the essence and continuous reception a must.


CellO™ AllAccess™ DAS solution is designed to support multiple operators, multiple frequency bands and multiple wireless technologies in the same single-fiber platform. In the case of underground parking and tunnels, CellO’s™ single-fiber architecture extends cellular coverage under ground to deliver continuous service.

Emergency Services utilize lower frequencies bands and different technologies (like TETRA). Leveraging CellO’s™ flexible architecture, these communication channels can also be delivered using the same platform.

Case Study – Carmel Tunnels

The Carmel Tunnels are an immense project, which provides fast access across Haifa, spanning over 6km in length, 200 meters underground and providing 2 lanes in each direction. CellO™ delivered its innovative AllAccess™ solution to provide reception for multiple cellular operators, Emergency Services, the local radio station and FM break-In broadcast of emergency information.


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